I grew up in China and came to US in 2007. Nothing glorious about my life growing up that worth to put a frame on the wall. Did I throw those times away? Absolutely not, I tried my best to experience, to live and to find a purpose in this life. It has been amazing... Will you close the window now? I hope not.

How did I get into tea? A puzzle of map discovered, a game of connecting dots, a beautiful journey (at least for me) that has many other paths connected, and none of them has an end yet... I hope every moment with tea I/we have brought the most life can offer us.

Tea is everything and tea is not everything. I would love to share my experience with you. 


Mojoosh.  Whisper this word, shout it out loud. What do you find? 

For me, it is the wonder and joy of tea, wonder and joy of life...

I find myself in it, I find other lands, other people, other stories and other perspectives. It's all connected, though, as long as I let myself indulge in that cup of drink.

Now... go explore tea, have fun and search for whatever you are looking for with those sips by yourself. For those moments only matter and connect when you truly experience it.

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