"It was fascinating! The two hours flew by, punctuated with cookies and many small cups of freshly brewed tea. It was such a pleasurable and delicious way to spend an afternoon! " - Susan Hamovitch



Mar 4, 2018

Devil or angel? Hate it or love it?

Caffeine is one of thousands chemical compound of tea, however, it probably brought up most of the debate of drinking tea. So fun of digging into the chemistry a bit and discovering how caffeine varies in tea, where else it can be found and how it reacts with our bodies.

I hope we all go home with some more understanding about tea and learned how to appreciate this drink more. 

I have to admit that after this workshop I went on a week-long caffeine detox just to see how I can handle it. I can definitely feel the dip after lunch and more awakening of drinking tea again :-)

Teas we tried:

Kukicha, also called twig tea, or bocha (Japan)

Yabukita Kabuse Sencha (Japan)

Huang Da Cha (China)

Hong Yu, Sun Moon Lake (Taiwan)



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